Reading: Whio

I am learning to apply my prior knowledge to a text.

I'll know I can do this when I can think of ways I have connections to a text and I can use those connections to help decode unfamiliar words and ideas.

Something that was hard was finishing my research.

Maths: Taparima

I am learning to solve addition and subtraction problems using place value.

Break numbers into place value, then add numbers in each value and put the number back together.

Something I found hard was solving the bigger questions.

I am also learning to order fractions with different denominators.

Art Attack : Don Binney

I am learning to create art inspired by Don Binney.

I'll know I can do this when I have created a landscape with a foreground, middle, and background.
My bird and my background are coloured using pastels and natural colours.

Something I found hard was trying to get all of the white spaces away.

Learner Qualities: Communicate

I am learning to communicate.

I'll know I can do this when I can identify a variety of ways I can communicate with others.

One way I communicate is by sharing nice comments about other people to make them feel good about themselves.

Writing : Information Report

I am learning to write an information report.

I'll know I can do this when I can plan and write an information reports with a title, topic sentence, and a group of facts about a subject.

Something I learned was that an information report must have paragraphs.

Student Led Conference

            Student Led Conference.  

At my student led conference I shared all my learning from term 1 and 2.

my favourite thing that I got to share was my partitioning. I also liked sharing my  tiki art.